About Us

At Hawaii Biochar Products, there are just a few of us working hard on any given day, getting dirty and cranking out the products.  Here is the core of our group:
Josiah Hunt - Hawaii Biochar Products
Josiah has been working with soil and plants in multiple disciplinary fields for the past 15 years.  This has included botanic gardens, native habitat restoration, nursery work, landscape design, installation and maintenance, farm management, commercial organic farming, biochar production, processing and research projects.  Josiah’s work with biochar has not gone unnoticed including published articles in multiple magazines and weekly papers, radio shows, and consistent public appearances locally, at Biochar conferences and notably at TEDxHilo.  Other skills that have proven useful include photography, graphic arts and marketing.  Josiah holds a BS in Agroecology and Environmental Quality from University of Hawaii at Hilo.
Watch Josiah’s TEDxHilo Talk.

Brett Tourigny - Hawaii Biochar Products
Brett Tourigny is an exceptional man. His work ethic is impeccable, he is smart, hard-working, has always been on time, maintains the standards as required, follows through to the details, and has the initiative to do what needs to get done. His experience with Hawaii Biochar Products for the past years places him as the person most experienced in everything involving HBP and having a long-standing working relationship with the company.

Brett Tourigny received his BS in Biology/Environmental Science from Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts in 2010.

Bob Ely - Hawaii Biochar Products
Bob is a semi-retired Purdue chemical engineer.  For the last several years Bob has been very active in various sustainable biofuels, energy and agriculture projects in Hawaii.  His home machine shop cranks out some of the most amazing pieces of machinery including several biochar grinders. The latest research project is a very sophisticated continuous screw-auger type of biochar unit that will run an internal combustion engine with the syngas produced.Bob and his wife Carol’s 12 acre farm near Hilo is pretty much a botanical garden that has many example plantings which serve as with/without biochar and “CharFish” comparisons.


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