• Our Goal is to be Part of the Solution

    Our approach is to provide locally sourced, organic based and sustainably managed agricultural products… with a focus on biochar.

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  • “I have seen more vigorous growth, less disease & greater yield since adding biochar to the potting media.”

    -Roy Honda
    Honda Farms

  • “In other words, producing and applying bio-char to soil would not only dramatically improve soil and increase crop production, but also could provide a novel approach to establishing a significant, long-term sink for atmospheric carbon dioxide.”

    -Dr. Johannes Lehmann, Cornell University,
    Chairman of The International Biochar Initiative Board of Directors

  • “Charfish is the most impressive organic fertilizer I have ever used in my thirty five years of nursery work”

    Suzie Hamilton
    Founder and Owner of Plant It Hawaiʻi

  • “…just harvested the most bountiful soy bean crop. I’ve never added fertilizer to the soil since the corn and that has to be years ago. Your bio-char is still working its magic housing my micro-organisms. The basil in the same bed is chest high and a honey bee magnet.”

    -Eric Drake Weinert

Biochar Education Center

Biochar Education Center

Useful information for farmers, nurseries, soil scientists and home gardeners is available.

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Biochar Products

Biochar Products

Farmers, gardeners, nurseries and landscape professionals use Biochar and CharFish products.

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